Park Hill Toowoomba

Residential Community, Glenvale

Everything about Park Hill Toowoomba makes sense. Set only minutes from the heart of Toowoomba – one of Queensland’s largest regional centres – Park Hill Toowoomba will grow and flourish with the region’s strong and diverse economy. Toowoomba’s major enterprises include manufacturing, retail, health and community services, agriculture and tourism.


Discover exclusivity and parkland living. Park Hill Toowoomba is a unique blend of contemporary living, centred on an amazing “nature play” adventure park in the heart of one of Australia’s most dynamic and growing regions. Discover a relaxed way of life with fresh air and mature trees in a quiet residential community with beautiful green streetscapes. Take this wonderful opportunity to establish the family lifestyle of your dreams.


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    Key stats

    • Location: 234 McDougall Street, Glenvale
    • Council: Toowoomba Regional Council
    • Land Area: 13.185 ha
    • Dwelling Yield: 141
    • Development: Residential Subdivision – Developer
    • Product: 375 to 719 sqm
    • Project Partners: Saunders Havill Group, RMA,
    • Commencement Date: July 2017
    • Completion Date: December 2020
    • End Value: $25,000,000

    Park Hill Toowoomba